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Tiffany Du Mouchelle Recital

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 8:00 pm

Conrad Prebys Music Center Experimental Theater


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Tiffany Du Mouchelle performs “Pierrot Lunaire”, a melodrama by Arnold Schoenberg. Born from the Italian pantomime of the Renaissance, Pierrot is a symbol of humanity, and especially the artist. Sensitive and romantic, he lives in a world of his own creation. He is the brother of the moon, and lives in the shadows of his own mind. Pierrot, becomes drunk on the moonlight, his source of artistic inspiration. He rejects reality for a fairytale devised by his intoxication. As his creative mind abuses the “sacred beverage” of moonlight and creative inspiration, his overly decadent pursuits sicken his mind and lead to a nightmarish world where the sun, a symbol for reason and reality, is blocked out by delusion. Here, void of reason, Pierrot’s imagination takes a dark turn. Forgetting his traditional comic role, laughter has disappeared. He envisions the sacrifice of his own heart, and numero us possibilities of death. Fortunately Pierrot is reminded of his past, and returns home much wiser than he left. He reclaims his role as entertainer, using his creative inspiration to affect others. He becomes an agent of the moon and returns home, no longer rejecting his past, but growing from it.
Featuring: Rachel Beetz, flutes; Jennifer Bewerse, cello; Stephen Lewis, piano; Päivikki Nykter, violin and viola; Ariana Warren, clarinets.

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