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Keir GoGwilt - Graduate Recital

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 7:00 pm

Conrad Prebys Music Center Experimental Theater


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REGARDING CHICKENS (feat. music by Carolyn Chen, Johann Paul von Westhoff, Celeste Oram, and poetry by Christopher and Keir GoGwilt)

Performances: 10/6 @ 5 PM and 10/8 @ 7 PM
Installation opens 10/6 @ 2 PM

Installation by Audrey Hope;

Music by Carolyn Chen, Celeste Oram, and Johann Paul von Westhoff; Poetry by Christopher and Keir GoGwilt

Regarding Chickens is an immersive musical-poetic performance-installation. Audrey Hope’s accumulation of colorful refuse and chicken-sculptures houses Keir GoGwilt's performance, which navigates between the realities of this art space and that of the classical violin, the sounds of which emerge as more glittery scraps and scrapes.

"'Grow,' says collective vision, 'Grab as many...' Impossible. When will my 'as many' ever be enough. I will not will my own growth; who is to say one grows into many; who is to say many is anything but the exclusion of few, of any, of never and


Partita in d minor - Johann Paul von Westhoff
Regarding Chickens, Death - Carolyn Chen
Study on Westhoff Partita in d minor - Carolyn Chen
Craigie Hill - Keir GoGwilt & Celeste Oram

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