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Springfest Autoduplicity - Machaut + Rauschen

Thursday, April 14th, 2016 7:00 pm

Conrad Prebys Music Center Experimental Theater


Autoduplicity presents their second concert exploration Machaut + Rauschen, a performance that juxtaposes Guillaume de Machaut's ballade “Dame, ne regardez pas” with several of Peter Ablinger's "Instrumente und Rauschen" works. Leaping from the simple purity of a single melody to the “everything always” concept of white noise, Machaut + Rauschen explores the complexity of simple sounds hidden within masses of complex noise. Listening at these extremes reveals how deceptive the ideas of simplicity and complexity can be.
Autoduplicity is Rachel Beetz and Jennifer Bewerse.
Visit the Springfest webpage for more information.

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