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Intercultural Music Conference

Thursday, February 25th, 2016 2:00 pm

WLH 2155


Exploring subjects such as representation and misrepresentation in intercultural music, the three-day event includes a conference, seminar and concert, all open to the public. It was initiated and organized by Siu Hei Lee, a Ph.D. candidate in critical musicology at UC San Diego. "The term 'intercultural' has been utilized in public and intellectual discourse for years," Lee said. "What is the meaning and significance of the term today? What are the problems and prospects of cultural (mis)representation, hybridization, and contemporary performance practices in intercultural music? These questions are by nature interdisciplinary, and we shall use concerts and discussion panels to give some answers, and perhaps raise more questions."

Keynote speakers are Martin Scherzinger (media theorist, composer, musicologist, NYU faculty) and Jann Pasler (musicologist, pianist and documentary filmmaker, UC San Diego music faculty). Panel discussants will include Walter Aaron Clark (UC Riverside Department of Music), Munir Beken (UCLA Department of Music), and Nicol Hammond (UC Santa Cruz). UC Irvine's Hossein Omoumi, a master of ney, the traditional Iranian reed flute, will give a special lecture-recital. 

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