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IMMERSION@Birch Aquarium

Sunday, April 13th, 2014 6:00 pm

Birch Aquarium

Springfest 2014 Event
Sponsor: Paul Hembree

Stroll through the aquarium and enjoy exciting live music and immersive electronic soundscapes written for this unique event and inspired by the ocean and marine life. New this year will be additional sound-art pieces composed by local high school students from A Reason To Survive (ARTS). Springfest is an annual showcase by UC San Diego music students at locations around campus and throughout San Diego.
  • Students from A Reason to Survive - Headphone soundscapes
  • Michael Matsuno - Electroacoustic flute and voice
  • Tiffany DuMouchelle - Electroacoustic flute and voice
  • Yeung-ping Chen - Electroacoustic flute and voice
  • Caroline Miller - Electroacoustic flute and voice
  • Odeya Nini  - Electroacoustic flute and voice
  • Chris Golinski - Atmospheric percussion
  • Sean Conway - American and Lithuanian folk music
  • Paul Hembree - A synaesthetic virtual instrument
  • Meghann Welsh - Free improvisation
  • Joe Cantrell - Free improvisation
  • Jon Forshee - Mesostic poetry
  • Carolyn Chen - Tai Chi
  • The Kernels - Indie hip hop noise rock

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