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Telematic Class Concert

Sunday, November 20th, 2011 12:00 pm

Conrad Prebys Music Center Theatre


 Penta Locus connects performers at five universities around the world by internet for a live concert. Collaborating with UCSD are New York University, Concordia University in Montreal, Queens University in Belfast, and the Hamburg Hochschule of Music. Faculty and students have composed new works for the concert. The UCSD contingent consists of students in Mark Dresser's Telematics classes. Telematics is Dresser's ongoing project exploring ways to incorporate technology as a vital part of the production and performance process. Audiences at each location experience musicians who are standing in front of them and musicians whose images and audio are piped in by internet and blended into the concert. Under Dresser's direction at UCSD, the performers are Kyle Blair (piano), Steven Solook (percussion), Yeung-ping Chen (clarinet), Yvette Jackson (trumpet), Tiffany Du Mouchelle and Bonnie Lander (voice), Adam Goodwin (bass), Kjell Nordeson (drums), Joe Cantrell (electronics/guitar), and Drew Ceccato (reeds). On the computer/technology side are Jason Ponce (director), Sami Nacach, Alex Segal, Luke Oskam, Torrance Carroll, Kyle Tice, and Michael Cheng.

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